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Patient Testimonials

SGMC's Code Stroke Program operates as a highly coordinated, rapid response team and saves lives every day.

Lavelle Webb

Mid-afternoon on a warm June day, Lavelle Webb settled into a comfortable chair to relax and read a book. After a while, he caught himself slouching. He went to straighten up, but couldn’t. He tried to lift the book off his lap, but couldn’t. He tried to stand up, but fell.

Being home alone, Lavelle knew he had to summon help. Gradually, a little movement returned and he was able to grab a chair and pull himself up. He considers it a real blessing that a portable telephone was within reach. He dialed 9-1-1 and mumbled for help. 

This call got Lavelle the care he needed fast. Emergency Medical Services arrived and began South Georgia Medical Center’s Code Stroke protocol

According to SGMC Neurologist Dr. Brian Dawson, Lavelle’s outcome was excellent because he got help fast. After a two day inpatient stay at SGMC, he went home. A few weeks later, he was fully recovered. Lavelle says, "Don't hesitate. Know the signs and get help fast when you feel something isn't right."