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Your Medical Center Bill

If you have questions concerning your bill please call SGMC's Patient Financial Services and a representative will assist you.

Patient Financial Services
402 Woodrow Wilson Drive,
Valdosta, GA 31602
Monday - Friday
8:00am - 5:00pm

Financial Policy
The financial policy of the Hospital Authority of Valdosta and Lowndes County Georgia is designed to 

  • allow anyone in need of critical care and/or emergency health care to receive such care regardless of financial status or of ability to pay, and at the same time to
  • provide financial stability to the Medical Center,
  • fairness to patients and third party payers, and to
  • ensure that all patients who are financially able to pay their bills do so in a timely manner

The Medical Center’s source of income for operating expenses is the income received from its patients; therefore, we ask for your cooperation in fulfilling your financial obligation.

If you anticipate any difficulty regarding the financing of your hospitalization, or if you would like to apply for assistance, please contact Patient Financial Services 229.333.1040.

Associated Expenses
You will receive additional bills from physicians who helped with your care while you were a patient at the Medical Center. Just like your primary care physician, the radiologist, pathologist, and anesthesiologist are not employees of the Medical Center. Thus, a separate bill will follow for their consultation services. You may have met them during the course of your treatment, but even if you did not, their services were requested and used by your physician. Please contact their offices directly if you have any questions regarding their bill. To assist you, we have listed the most frequently requested numbers below:

Radiology Associates of Valdosta, P.C.   229-333-9729 
South Georgia Radiology Consultants, P.C.  800-774-4575 ext. 412
South Georgia Pathologists, P.C. 229-245-0447 
Valdosta Anesthesia Associates, P.C.  229-244-6852

Also, if you utilize our Youth Care service, you will receive a separate bill from the pediatrician.

Patients with Insurance
If you have insurance, you must either bring your insurance card or some other insurance identification with you upon admission or as soon thereafter as possible. The Medical Center will file your insurance claim for you. Remember that your hospitalization coverage is a contract between you and your insurance company, and while we will cooperate to the fullest in expediting your claim, you are ultimately responsible for the payment of your account.

Patients with Medicare
If you have Medicare coverage, you must bring your Medicare card with you and sign the necessary forms at admission. The Medical Center will file your claim for you. You should be aware that Medicare will not cover your total bill. You are responsible for the deductible, co-insurance, private room differential and certain other non-covered costs.

Patients with Medicaid
If you have Medicaid coverage you must bring your Medicaid card with you and sign the necessary forms at admission. The Medical Center will file your claim for you. If you have applied for Medicaid, but have not been approved at the time of admission, you must bring your Medicaid card to Patient Financial Services when you receive it so we can file your claim. If you do not have Medicaid, and you have not applied for assistance, but you would like to find out whether you would qualify, contact Patient Financial Services at 333-1040. There is a Medicaid Caseworker located in Patient Financial Services who will assist you.

Patients With No Insurance
If you do not have sufficient medical coverage to pay for your hospitalization, Patient Financial Services can assist you. There are a variety of options available to you. A Patient Account Representative can detail these options for you to help determine which one best suits your needs. Please ask to speak to your Patient Account Representative if you have any questions or concerns regarding balances, which will be owed at the time of discharge. You can contact your representative at 333-1040.

Free and Charitable Care Policy

Free and Charitable Care Policy – Spanish

Financial Assistance Programs
The Medical Center provides free or reduced cost of care for patients who qualify according to the hospital's financial policies. Eligibility is based on the patient’s household income and family size. In most cases you can be approved within 48 hours of application if you qualify for this service. South Georgia Medical Center participates with the Georgia Indigent Care Trust Fund.  If you have any concerns about how we operate under the Trust Fund rules, please let us work with you by calling 229-333-1040. If you require additional assistance, call the Georgia Department of Community Health at 1-877-261-3117.

Federal Poverty Guidelines

Your Bill Becomes Due at the Time of Discharge
It sometimes requires as much as 24 hours for a charge to be posted to your account. For this reason, new charges received for treatment or medicine offered a few hours preceding discharge may not be received at the Business Office before you leave the Medical Center. Therefore, you may receive an itemized bill at home for those last minute charges. As soon as your insurance is processed and payment is received, any refunds due you will be made.

Qualified Care
South Georgia Medical Center has been fully accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. The seal of accreditation is accepted nationwide as the highest mark of quality in the healthcare field. To you and your family, it is your assurance the hospital meets the highest standards of medical care in organization, equipment and personnel. Since the Joint Commission considers accreditation maintenance an ongoing educational activity of review, inspection, and updating, you have the added assurance that South Georgia Medical Center is constantly on guard to give you the most modern medical care available.

South Georgia Medical Center was established to care for the sick and injured, regardless of sex, race, creed, color, nationality, handicap or disability. Its aims are to provide sympathetic, efficient care (both physical and spiritual) and to correlate the care of the sick with the interest of all those associated with the Medical Center so that the dignity and rights of each may be respected.

South Georgia Medical Center is a Member of:

The American Hospital Association

The Georgia Hospital Association

The Southwest Georgia Hospital District 

The Southeastern Hospital Conference

Voluntary Hospitals of America

South Georgia Medical Center is Licensed By:

The Georgia Department of Human Resources

South Georgia Medical Center Has Been Approved By:

The Department of Health and Human Services for participation in the Medicare Program

The Georgia Department of Human Resources for participation in Medicaid Service

The Florida Department of Health and Rehabilitation Services for participation in Medicaid Service

VHA – Voluntary Hospitals of America
South Georgia Medical Center is a member of the Voluntary Hospitals of America (VHA), a nationwide system for over 700 not-for-profit hospitals. This system provides its members cost containment through shared services. The advantage of membership in VHA is the purchasing power provided. Through VHA, purchasing contracts are negotiated on a national level. This is another way South Georgia Medical Center is working to provide you, our patient, with the finest care at the most reasonable cost.