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Caduceus Society

The Caduceus Society recognizes a valuable group of physicians who are dedicated to transforming medicine to meet the challenges of tomorrow by pledging a minimum of $10,000 to the South Georgia Medical Center Foundation.

Dr. & Mrs. John D. Anderson
Dr. & Mrs. John W. Devine
Dr. & Mrs. Glenn H. Evans
Dr. & Mrs. William N. Gee, Jr
Dr. & Mrs. Charles F. Hobby
Dr. & Mrs. Tommy Hobby
Dr. & Mrs. Jeffery Hoy
Dr. John B. Hunt 
Dr. & Mrs. Mark R. Keaton
Dr. & Mrs. Ed Mark
Dr. Kimberly & Mr. Jim Megow
Dr. & Mrs. Richard J. Nijem
Dr. & Mrs. Trey Powell 
Dr. & Mrs. Jerry G. Purvis, Sr.
Dr. & Mrs. Livingstone Rasalam
Dr. Robbie & Mr. Ken Slater
Dr. Maurice Solis and Mrs. Lee A. Johnson
Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Zeigler